One more thing: MONEY!

How could I neglect to mention money in my last post about the similarities between theatre and travel?  As in: you never have any.

Producing a show or backpacking across the globe on a shoestring budget both involve a disproportionate amount of time trying to keep hard-earned bills firmly in your wallet and credit cards safely tucked away. Ha.

With my wads of cash in Giza, Egypt

The cost of things and what you’re willing to spend money on quickly becomes warped.  You shell out a fortune on the ever-rising plane fares and then spend the rest of your trip looking for as much free stuff to do and experience as possible.  Not so different from splurging on a theatre space or a slot in a festival only to spend the rest of the time making sets out of milk crates and rehearsing in your living room instead of buying lumber or renting rehearsal space.

The set for our show Virginia Aldridge, BSc

And the whole time you’re exploring and discovering (literally or metaphorically), you’re likely living off cornflakes or stealing the buns from the hostel’s complimentary breakfast for a free lunch.