This week, over a wobbly table at the El Mocambo, we made a pact to travel without really going anywhere.  A random little group of us — a friend I have known since she was born, a theatre-making neighbour/TV-star, and two line buddies met only moments earlier — decided that we would shift our attitude just a bit and see Toronto as ours to really discover rather than just a place we reside. 

We live here, so let’s live here.

This is the way Toronto looks from the ferry to the Island Airport

I think our enthusiasm may have come from the good vibes and emotions bubbling just under our skin (love and hope were pretty present at this concert in tribute to the late Jack Layton) combined with the still strange thrill of being out on a school night and the fact that leaves are starting to change colour.

We started throwing out suggestions of what we should do: climb the CN Tower (but I’m going to imagine the Edge Walk doesn’t exist)!  Walk around a random suburb! Go to the Brickworks! Explore the Humber River! And we now have a pretty full list.

So I guess this is a request that you bear with me as I delude myself into believing that I am travelling, and a warning that I will be bringing you stories of my discoveries and theatre-going in my own home town.