Ukrainian Festival in Bloor West Village

Not being able to travel at the moment (job, lease, saving up), I have resolved to be a fake tourist in Toronto.  But this weekend, I stepped out of my apartment only to find myself in Eastern Europe.  Sort of.  A taste of.

The Ukrainian Festival was in full swing in Bloor West Village.  I grabbed my camera and headed off to snap a few shots of the colour and excitment brought on by perogies and dancing.

After enough  sun and crowds and rocking out to the tunes of  Tyt I Tam, I headed to my father’s house where we ordered pizza and watched four episodes of Community season 1.

There are some good things you can’t do when travelling alone (including pizza with family and hours of guilt-free TV).  So right now I’m out to get the best of all worlds.

Little wheel goes round and round

Bloor West comes alive

These heels aren't made for walkin' (but they cast a nice gold light)



Tyt I Tam


Big wheel