Bye bye, 2011! You’ve been good to me in small and surprising ways.

It’s been a good one- full of friends, travel, and new experiences. Here are a few things that I’m super-grateful for that happened in 2011:

Travelling to Boston with a good friend to see Josh Ritter

Getting to know people whose work I'd admired from afar and getting to work with them on a real professional play in a real professional theatre. Photo: Paul Dunn, Richard McMillan and Eric Goulem in After Akhmatova at the Tarragon Theatre

Getting a kick start on my writing at Playwrights Workshop Montreal for a workshop led by my hero, Carole Fréchette

I got a new nephew!

Discovering so many things and approaches with a group of amazing directors during the Directors Lab North's inaugural year.

Putting on a play with the beautiful Janelle Hanna at the Toronto Fringe Festival

My sweet potato sprouting into a gorgeous plant all by itself

Getting one of those 9-5 jobs and getting to work with this crazy lot.

Celebrating love at beautiful summer weddings and dancing the night away with friends from all over the place.

Getting to see old friends, amazing plays, and a double rainbow in London.

Finding this red-panda/racoon/okapi in my coffee cup. It was magic. I didn't wash the cup for days. Best thing ever.

Winning chocolates and Molson caps at a Christmas pub quiz.

Escaping it all with the whole darn family and catching the rays in Cuba.

I wish you all the best for 2012- love, discoveries,and beauty. And I hope our paths will cross on an adventure or another soon!

xo Elise