I recently went on an all-too-quick visit to a city I used to live in, a city I miss deeply and often.  But since I can’t live in Montreal at the moment (and I quite like Toronto- no lie), I thought I’d indulge in toutes choses montréalaises through movies and songs about Montréal. Perhaps a future, more hoity toity post will list plays and books and poems featuring Montreal.  Maybe.


Jésus de Montréal  (Jesus of Montreal)
1989, directed by Denys ArcandA beautiful, moving, sometimes damn funny film about theatre, Jesus, and Montreal.

In this clip, they are trying different theatrical styles to play the Passion (because the trailer I found online sucked):


The Trotsky
2009, directed by Jacob Tierney
Funny, smart, weird. Best high school movie ever (or since Clueless).


2005, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée
A touching, beautiful, difficult, and magical coming of age film.


2000, directed by Dennis Villeneuve
This movie is narrated by a fish.


The High Cost of Living

2010, directed by Deborah Chow
So, this is a Canadian film starring Zach Braff and Fairmount bagels and my old neighbourhood.  Turns out there’s a trend of movies set in Montreal that revolve around hit-and-run accidents.  Weird.


Bon Cop, Bad Cop
2006, directed by Eric Canuel
Fully bilingual, fully hilarious.



Hawksley Workman Smoke
I chose to show you this version because he is wearing a toque and flip flops.


David Usher St Lawrence River
This brings me back, WAY back to high school. I dare you to watch this and not swoon just a little bit.

Stars Your Ex-Lover is Dead
“Captured a taxi despite all the rain
We drove in silence across Pont Champlain”


Malajube Montréal à -40° C


And this one in case you’re feeling extra nostalgic:
Robert Charlebois Je reviendrai à Montréal (I will come back to Montreal)
dedicated to Willy