I’ll admit it, the winter (though it was far from harsh) put a bit of a damper on my idea of being a tourist in my own city.

But Spring is now in the air and I thought I’d try to see what I could see during my one-hour lunch break.  Luckily I work in a great part of Toronto, close to the university, Chinatown, and Kensington Market.

Going out with the intention of taking pictures made me look harder and forced me to frame things differently.  I also got smiled at a whole lot more, wandering the streets with a camera around my neck.

This is the view from my desk. Not bad, eh?

Hello lampost, what'cha knowing, I've come to watch your flowers growin'

Toronto isn't only skyscrappers

Sunny alleys are not scary

Toronto has a bit of everything... (Baldwin street)

View of the CN Tower from Beverley street

Creepy mannequins in a window, Spadina avenue

A hipster, some shoes, and a retro streetcar in Chinatown

Bubble tea and sugar cane juice on Spadina avenue

Some goods for sale in Chinatown, Toronto

The fruit and veg shop, Chinatown

Chinatown, Toronto

Walking from Spadina to Kensington Market

Kensington, Toronto

In Kensington Market, you can see people on tricycles choosing fresh herbs on the sidewalk

The roof of Courage My Love, my all-time favourite vintage shop in Toronto

There are hip things in Kensington, like hula-hoops

Stores in Kensington Market, Toronto

The best little spice shop, where you can get Mexican chilli powder for cheap

Shiny sunglasses


Take-out menus, College Street

College Street, Toronto

The library where I sometimes get videos and books on my lunch breaks, but not today. Today I looked.

The University of Toronto Bookstore

This is what a mailbox looks like in Canada

The UofT student centre with trees and hot dog stand

CN Tower view from the alley near my office