I got tired of refreshing my inbox, waiting for someone to tell me that I didn’t get an amazing apprenticeship at a cool theatre in Washington.

This is me waiting. (Actually, this is me during dissertation-writing time/heatwave, Norwich, 2006, but you get the idea.)

So I decided to not wait anymore, and I went ahead and booked myself a one-way ticket to New Zealand.

I don't have any pictures of New Zealand yet, so this photo of one of my T-shirts will have to serve to illustrate it for now. See, it's an anatomical drawing of a kiwi bird made out of kiwi fruit and I love it.

I bought the ticket online, without cancellation insurance, over morning coffee, half-asleep.

The plan is to go around the world and what I have now is a ticket from Los Angeles to New Zealand.  And the knowledge that I’ll have to get to Los Angeles from Toronto somehow

What I don’t have is a budget or a plan.  I haven’t actually really thought about it.  I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t really thought about it if you know what I mean.  That’s how it’s done, kids.

Close your eyes and jump off that cliff.  And hope that at the bottom, there’s a deep pool to land in, one so buoyant it acts more like a refreshing trampoline.