Now that I know I’m leaving, I’m already starting to look at my city differently.  I’m already feeling nostalgic for things I’ll probably be too busy to actually miss.  So when I went to meet my friend Jenna for a burger, I took my time to look up, I look around, and then I was late.

But here are a few things I saw:

View from the office as I leave.

The other day, a car crashed into our building. So that happened.

The impact of the crash (detail).

Place to staple your poster to a post.

Spring is in Toronto, which means green flowers in leafless trees.

Knox College (University of Toronto). I like this college because it's pretty, but mostly because it shares a name with my favourite character in Dead Poets Society.

Giant flower pots in the middle of the street.

ZooWoods, a long-term ecological research project of the Department of Zoology (UofT)

Full-on nature in the middle of Toronto (ZooGardens)

This is Robarts Library at the University of Toronto. Spaceship? Turkey? Turkey.

The window of the Bata Shoe Museum

One of my favourite used book stores in the city

These guys wanted me to take their picture (at least one of them did). I did not sponsor a child like they asked me to because of the religious affiliations of their particular charity. They were nice about it.

Rats of the sky, looking pretty fly.

Remember Lee's Palace? They repainted it.

Today, HotDocs opened in its new theatre.

Jenna waiting for me.

Burger! Sweet, sweet burger.