Ottawa, Canada’s sleepy capital, seems to get nicer each time I visit.

The canal.

It might even get a little more interesting.

Photo from the Extremely Short Play Festival at the Arts Court Library taken from CBC Website. As in all festivals, a couple of pieces were fantastic, some were very good, and some were not. The transitions between plays were pretty cool, with bits of script projected on the stage (see image for example of effect).

This time, I was there on a lightning-speed visit to give a photography workshop to a classroom full of brilliant teenagers for Brila [check out the work of last year’s group here].

While the class was out and about around Ottawa making their own snapshot narratives, I took a couple of pictures of the eeriness that is an empty classroom.

And all was suddenly quiet.

Light on seats.

Works in progress.

…and then we jumped in a car and drove to Montreal (stopping in a parking lot to eat sundaes and salty fries).

Just your typical road-trippers.