I leave for my trip around pieces of the world (turns out it’s a big place) in less than two months, so I’ve starting thinking about what I’ll be bringing with me.

The hardest thing to decide on is shoes, mostly because they are bulky and they need to be right: if your feet are happy, chances are you’ll be ok. If your feet hurt, are cold, are hot, are bleeding, chances are your entire self will be miserable.

But what shoes do you take with you when you will be trudging around in mountains and temperate rain forests and still want to look relatively cool when biking in Portland and strutting around Los Angeles drinking a $19 smoothie?

I finally decided on light (weight, not colour) sneakers with ok treads and black canvas slip-ons for when my sneakers are soaking wet from being caught in the rain or falling into a creek. And my glow-in-the-dark flip flops for gross hostel showers, obviously.

But this means that I have to say goodbye to my dear, ol’faithful boots.

These boots were made for walking.

Dear Blundstones, goodbye.  Goodbye laceless boots of perfection that I’ve worn every day for years and years. You’ve served me well. It will be hard to leave you behind.

We’ve travelled to lands far and wide together and attended many functions you were quite inappropriate for.

I bought you when I left Canada when I moved to the UK in 2005 and you’ve seen me through a lot since then.  Here’s a little photo memorial to you, my steadfast friends.

This can be the soundtrack:

And here we go.

At the Toronto airport, taking pictures of vats of water as a distraction from the fact I was moving to Norwich, England, for a year. Wearing new Blundstones. August 2005.

California Beach in Norfolk, UK. Celebrating a sunny May Day 2006 in style.

Getting on a flight to Sandane, Norway.

Back in Canada, with Dan-Vy, celebrating our TAships on the mountain in Montreal.September 2007.

Chilling out during a visit to the Venice of the north, i.e. Birmingham.

Being a tourist during my first work trip, Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

In Boston for a Josh Ritter concert.

A cold stop-over after my trip to Kenya.  With Brecht in Berlin in Berlin.