Last night, you may have heard a bit of a cling clang clonk here and there. In over 70 locations across Canada and around the world, crowds took to the streets to show solidarity with Quebec. And by Quebec, I mean the people of Quebec. Not its government.

For a more informed view on this, you should read this article by Willy Blomme.

And for an idea of what it sounded like, you should check out this video (not by me):

I’m not particularly politically active. When it comes to politics, I tend to get frustrated, depressed, and overwhelmed and go into denial rather than get angry and active. But after the premier of Quebec’s pretty much fascist handling of student protests against tuition fees in that province, I joined the movement to show my support, my anger, and my hope that actually, this generation may not be apathetic after all.  So I put on my red shirt, grabbed a pot (actually a lid: as a seasoned casserole participant in Montreal, my mother warned me to bring something light) and a wooden spoon and made my way to Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto.

It was amazing to feel this kind of togetherness in Toronto, considering the cold, big city it sometimes is.

It’s hard to take photos while walking and clanging a pot when the light isn’t great. And being short doesn’t help. What was great was the sound, the community, the people coming out of their houses and banging on their pots as we all walked by.  Estimates put the crowd at 2,500 at its peak. I don’t think they can ignore this.

People gather at Dufferin Grove Park with their pots and pans.

The next generation is learning to be heard.

Not yet marching, but definitely loud.

Cling cling cling-cling-cling.

Gathering with neon green signs and such.

Alex and Sarah with improvised noise-makers.

I like the look of this guy.

The media was there.

Marching out of the park.

And onto the street.  So-so-so solidarité!

We marched. My ears buzzed.  Bloor Street West, Toronto.