In less than six weeks, I’ll be heading off on my trip that the cool cats would call RTW. That’s round the world. I might be back in 2 weeks, but in case I do follow through with my plan of not planning too much but at least making it to the other side of the world and back, there’s a lot to think about.

I’m trying not to think about things like missing people, so for now I’m taking it step by step.

1. Give your boss plenty of notice
I love my job, I love the people I work with, and I actually like what the organization does, so as soon as I’d figured out that I was taking the plunge, I let them know. It’s bitter-sweet to say the least.

2. Settle your debts
I’ve paid off my library fine. I still owe Jordan $4.

I owe my soul to the Toronto Public Library.

3. Make sure you’ll be able to see everything
I don’t see well at all, so I’ve stocked up on contact lenses, got a second pair of glasses for when I lose or break my regular pair, and I finally splurged on a pair of pink prescription sunglasses so I’m not forced to wear contacts when it’s sunny.

4. Make sure your body won’t fall apart
I went to my doctor who wrote me prescriptions I’ll fill to last me a year. I thought about going to the dentist, but it’s so expensive, I might as well risk it. [Famous last words?]

5. Lighten your load/liquefy your assets
I’m having a garage sale where I’ll hopefully get rid of some of my stuff and maybe make enough cash to buy myself a smoothie in Los Angeles.

6. Read up
One of the reasons I have library fines is that I’ve been taking out obscene amounts of travel books and guides and reading about destinations I’ll be in in 4 months.

A little light, dream-inducing reading.

7. Tell your friends
I’ve started contacting friends sprinkled around the world to see where and when we can meet up. Actually, seeing friends that live far away is one of the main reasons for this trip.

8. Do some light shopping
I’ve spent all my money before even hitting the road, so I don’t think I’ll actually be able to afford the trip once I’m on it! I’ve managed to find great deals, but any way you look at it, the cost of travel insurance, a new camera, backpack, shoes, airfare and things adds up quickly. More on that and a packing list in a future post.

9. Make sure you’re ok, document-wise
Passport, credit card, and health card are now all valid and won’t expire any time soon. I’m super-lucky in that I’ve been crashing in my father’s basement for free for the past few months so I don’t have to deal with breaking leases, leaving roommates, paying off bills, or finding somewhere to store all my boxes. Footloose and fancy-free!

10. Collect useful bits and bobs
So I’ve pulled together 3 New Zealand dollars, a couple of Australian stamps, and some American cash to start me off.

Things I’ve got so far that will save me a couple of bucks at some point.

Obviously, preparing for a long trip takes more than a couple of Australian postage stamps and making sure you tie up loose ends at home. But it’s a start. And this busy-work is keeping me from worrying about the actuality of leaving.