It’s strange to think that by this time next month, I’ll be waking up in a dorm in the middle of the mountains of Jasper, Alberta, my first stop in a trip of undetermined length (both time- and kilometre-wise).

For now, I’m trying to live it up in hot and humid Toronto (and then suddenly cold Toronto). Potlucks and frozen coffee dates, patios and catching up with friends. The goodbyes are slowly but surely starting.

As my to-do list keeps growing, it’s slowly dawning on me that I may not be able to use up all my Groupons before I leave. So I decided I should make a tally of things I’ve already accomplished (in preparation to leave, not in life) and a few more things I need to wrap up before I go. I am the kind of person who adds things to lists so I can cross them off.

  • Catch up on 7 seasons of The CloserDone. Easy.
  • Get in one last Toronto Fringe Festival. Lots of good stuff coming up July 4-15.
  • Finish my online TESOL course. Just in case. Who knows what the world will bring?  1/2 way done.
  • Polish off little pots and bottles of lotion, perfume, and shampoo. Ongoing.
  • Get that guy I see every day on my way to work to smile back (or acknowledge the fact that we see each other every single day). Done. It only took 13 months and a lot of persistence, but he’s finally vaguely nodding when we pass each other. Sometimes this city makes me want to use a megaphone: take the ear buds out, look around, notice things, acknowledge other human beings, break through that bubble, and let’s let each other into our worlds for at least a fraction of a second once in a while.
  • Have a potluck because I love potlucks and most likely won’t have the tools and means to throw one while travelling. And I’ve been told it’s a very Canadian thing to do. Is it? Done. And still recovering.

  • Limit groceries to fresh produce. Eat orzo and couscous and beans that have been sitting in pantry for months. Starting now.
  • Find a bit of peace in the face of that exciting abyss: stop the simultaneous freaking out and being in denial about leaving. Stop being fearful of potentially missing things like my collection of half-finished moisturizers, the comfort of understanding the transit system, listening to WireTap straight from the radio, eating frozen mango chunks straight from the bag, and people. Probably never.