I’ve had my passport stamped for the first time since I left and had a bunch of questions about my life, plans and bank account sternly thrown into my face. I pased and took the ferry from Victoria (British Columbia) to Port Angeles (Washington).

My time on Vancouver Island began and ended on a boat, which makes sense seeing as it’s an island.

Sun on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay (Vancouver) to Nanaimo (Vancouver Island).

Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles.

Victoria was sunny and beautiful and, most importantly, was to be explored with my friend Caitlin (beautiful Caitlin whom I hadn’t seen in 3 years).

Caitlin having tea at the trendy little restaurant we went to in Victoria.

We explored Victoria, especially the frozen yoghurt shop. Those little bubbles of fruit bursts you can sprinkle over your frozen yoghurt are amazing and weird.

Caitlin told me about totem poles, their meanings and uses and the way they were pretty much stolen, thinking it was a way to remember cultures that were assumed to be dying.

Totem pole at Thunderbird Park, Victoria.

We noticed many problematic depictions of the First Nations and weirdly normalized colonialism. Most of them in souvenir shops, but many around the city too:

Was this the Hudson Bay Co’s slogan? Even so, it’s weird to have this hanging in a mall. Even weirder, it was put there in 1990.

But it was a beautiful, sunny few days (though that wind off the water can be quite chilling) and walking around aimlessly was just the thing to do.


Where one might take high tea at the Empress Hotel. We obviously didn’t, but we did run around the hotel pretending we might.

For a blog about theatre, I haven’t written much about it recently. Summer is pretty slow for regular theatre seasons, but we were really lucky to catch a good one in Victoria.

The Little Shop of Horrors at the McPherson Playhouse in Victoria (Blue Bridge Rep Theatre)

Although I really didn’t have opening night attire, I pulled together a (relatively) clean t-shirt and the one skirt I brought so we could attend the opening of Little Shop of Horrors (thanks again, Jer, for the tickets!). I didn’t know the show at all- I only knew that it featured a special type of venus fly trap. But when I noticed that a couple of cast and creative team members had been involved in Ride the Cyclone, I knew it was going to be ok. Or better than ok.

When I saw that Kholby Wardell was in this, I knew we were in good hands. Here with Damon Calderwood and Sara-Jeanne Hosie.

Actually, it was a really great production and I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. The design going from black-and-white to colour as things liven up may be a bit predictable, but it was done so smoothly and beautifully and cooly and I loved it gosh darn it. The whole thing was fun and excellently performed, and perhaps with a tiny bit more accent work for a certain character, it would be the absolutely perfect way to spend a Victorian summer evening.