I’ve never met such a high concentration of such nice and cheerful people than at the Safeway in Port Angeles (Washington, USA). Truth.

A great place from which to explore the Olympic Peninsula (if you have a car or happen to invite yourself to tag along in a nice German couple’s rental car as they explore), Port Angeles (and Toadlily House in particular) was a great town to spend a few nights.

This is bustling Port Angeles.

I managed to get a couple of different people to drive me around because, apparently, it’s quite difficult to get around without a car. There are some busses, but you’d need to hitchhike into the Olympic National Park itself and those busses don’t actually run on Sunday. So luckily, people are super-generous and I got to visit the Olympic Peninsula and hike some hikes.

Near Crescent Lake

Tidepooling! These are local mussels hanging around, waiting for the tide to come back in.

And then there was the Hoh Rainforest (a rainforest! In North America!)

The Hoh Rainforest. I am obsessed with moss.

Moss! Trees! Moss!

And up we went to Hurricane Ridge. It was a lovely hike, especially on the way down.

Meadows and mountains- it felt like stepping into The Sounds of Music but with fewer Nazis and more mosquitoes.

We hiked up Hurricane Hill and understood the true meaning of the word ‘awesome’

Cool flash action on the pretty flowers.

And animals. There were animals. Some animals that I don’t think are cute in a Toronto context (hello racoons) ended up being really fascinating and un-scary when swimming and fishing. They provided even more entertainment than that family fighting in public outside of the Marine Life exhibit on the pier.

Racoons trying to catch fish in the river, Port Angeles.

Racoon (detail)

Elk on Hurricane Hill.

Fawn. I mean… just look at that…

Same fawn, shown here with its mother deer.

I realise my blog has become me putting captions under pictures. I think it’s because only good things have happened so far and therefore does not make much of a story. Please note that I am not asking for horrible things to happen so that I have stories to tell. Thanks.