It is quite a travel day to get to Seattle from Port Angeles if you’re cheap and don’t want to pay the $40 for the direct bus. It’s quite a day if you’d rather take the #30 from Port Angeles to Sequim, then the #8 to Port Townsend, the #7 to Poulsbo, and finally the #90 to Bainbridge to then catch the ferry to Seattle.

It’s worth it, though, because you meet people including a guy who also randomly went to the same university in Norwich, UK. And you save $36.

I imagined Seattle grey.

Arriving in Seattle by water.

The windows of the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

The Seattle gasworks, just before I got completely lost.

The troll that lives in Fremont. Not pictured: the three billy goats Gruff who are just down the street.

Downtown Seattle.

Artsy tree at the Olympic Sculpture Garden.

Across the water.

Dude eating his lunch as I creepily take a picture through a window (Pike Place Market)

Stairway in Seattle (with man).

Foutain in the Seattle Center.

Turns out, though, that Seattle is wonderfully colourful.

Pike Place Market with Peter.

There’s a fair!

Also the EMP Museum.

I  caught Dirty Story by John Patrick Shanley at the Intiman Theatre Festival (thanks for the comp, Peter! Sorry you were sick!)- I’m not 100% convinced the play makes sense, but I know it’s really me not totally grasping this level of satire. Fun night out, though, and I managed to find my way and navigate the Seattle bus system.

Also, you cannot bring your gun to the theatre.

The entrance to the beautiful 5th Avenue Theatre.

My friend Peter (who I met at the Toronto Fringe Festival two years ago and who said to let him know if ever I was going to be in Seattle and I remember things, so I ended up crashing  on his comfy couch) and I went to see Rent(flashback!) gun-free.

Rent at the 5th Avenue Theatre- Photo: Mark Kitaoka

I enjoyed seeing Rent, but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s because it made me feel 18 again- it brought me back to the end of the millenium. While the cast really gave it their all (Brandon O’Neill as Collins was exceptional), the pacing was wonky (I appreciated a pause to breathe here and there, but sometimes the action was dropped only to be rushed through later). But this is me pulling at threads (“if you want to destroy my sweater”-type deal) and the whole thing could come apart if I keep going. I truthfully liked seeing this production, though they have the hard task of living up to the original. I miss Mark’s stripped scarf.

On another note, Seattle has the biggest chocolate croissants you’ll ever see. To give you an idea (if you’re from Montreal), it was roughly 4.5 Figaro croissants.

One heck of a chocolate croissant. I could not finish this chocolate croissant.