I arrived in Portland (Oregon) to hot, sunny days. On my first day there, I walked up the twisted forest path to the famous International Rose Test Garden, a garden where they test out new rose varieties, and where roses were sent from Europe to be saved from the bombings during World War I.

If I was a real writer, I would have taken notes (at least the name) on each of the roses I decided to photograph. But hopefully you’ll just enjoy the prettiness.

Billy the Shake gives his stamp of approval.

See? Lots and lots of different roses.

I think this was my favourite- different colours and shapes growing from one branch.

I liked how the petals were all pointy and curled in. I think maybe these flowers were dying.

This reminded me of the fake bouquets they hand you to take your graduation photo- fake dew and all. This was real water.

More pointy petals.

Oooh- backlighting.

Big, fat flowers, crowned by buds.

Up close and personal.

So it turns out that Porland isn’t all about putting birds on things, hipsters, and bikes. It’s also about rose-enthusiasts, people who collect pens (learned this in the gift shop), tourists, and roses. Lots and lots of roses. And that’s why Porland is called “The City of Roses.” Ta-da!