1-      Frozen yoghurt is practically a religion.

2-      Everyone sues everyone for everything and yet there aren’t enough jobs for young lawyers, just unpaid internships (if that).

3-      Los Angeles is not big and scary. Just big (and a little bit scary when you stop on Mulholland Drive at night, for some reason).

Los Angeles goes on for ever.

4-      You can get 0 days of rain for a month straight on the west coast.

5-      Clueless doesn’t seem to be an exaggerated portrayal of Beverly Hills.

How are these trees for real?

6-      Movie theatres in California are amazingly designed.

7-      Small is large, especially when it comes to coffee.

Caffe Trieste in San Francisco had normal-sized and very delicious coffee.

8-      Hollywood really is surreal (but not as surreal as, say, Las Vegas).

9-      I could easily become a wine connoisseur if every weekend was a weekend in Santa Rosa.

Wine in the Sonoma Valley.

10-   I have amazing friends living along the coast and I am so grateful for their generosity. I miss you and hope I can return the favour one day soon.