It may not actually have been a “great” “road trip” because it was only a day, but it was a great day on the road.

Travelling without a car means having to trust tour companies to show you the sites and give you enough time to see things you want to see. The company I chose was chosen because it ran the next day, wasn’t booked up, and was within my budget. It was a bit rushed in places (maybe because we left an hour late, but that’s another (non)story that I don’t want to dwell on, though I may still write a letter because the van was left idling for much of that hour- “eco” my eye), but I loved my day on the Great Ocean Road, a must when in Victoria (the Australian state, not the Canadian city).

Gorgeous surf. But it was so windy when we stopped here for a tea break that the coffee in my mug literally flew out and drenched an Irish lady.

There’s an archway. Tour operators list this as one of the attractions they’ll take you to see. So I posed in front of it. (There’s also they whole history about the building of the road itself.)

More awesome coastline.


Pretending to feed a cockatoo. It was fooled and unafraid (and disappointed).

The sun may have dissapeared, but the 12 Apostles were still stunning.

There were koalas hanging around in trees like furry apples. Surreal and amazing.

Needless to say, I was impressed by the coastline, the changing weather, the fact I didn’t get carsick (thanks, Caitlin, for your non-drowsy sailor pills!), and the animals. So many koalas. So many cockatoos. So many parrots (not pictured).