As you may have been starting to gather from my posts, I’m a little sick of being stuck in the sticks of NSW.

I think it has to do with my travel bug being told to hold still, chill out, wait out the holiday craziness when all it wants to do is go and discover things! Or at least get to Sydney to bask in civilization, an arts festival, and a Hawksley Workman concert.

In an attempt to not let the bastards (the bastards being: loneliness and dependence on others for things as simple as going to a grocery store) get me down, I’m focussing on things that I’d never get to experience back home (in a city, surrounded by friends and delicious distractions).

For instance: alpaca shearing!

Alpaca by the tire swing

Alpaca, concernedly watching his friend being sheared for a safe distance.

Fluffy and scraggles

After the trauma of the first shearing, the alpacas- fluffy and scraggly- ran towards each other and cuddled. It was heartbreaking. And I missed the moment. But here they are.

Alpaca shearing

The second alpaca being sheared with his friend overseeing it (and the goats being meddlesome).

And then there’s the magic and mystery of life! Seven ducklings hatched- I hadn’t even seen that there were eggs. They were so cute and fluffy and yellow and black. I say “were” because there was only one left at the last count. And I haven’t seen in it a couple of days. Gulp. The magic and mystery of life.


Cuteness being herded by their mother.


Ack! So cute.


Can’t stand the cuteness. And now they’re all disappeared, presumed dead.

Other than that, I’ve seen a dead possum and cooked with fresh turmeric.

I really don’t like to be counting down the days when I’m on my big around-the-world adventure, but it turns out I don’t have the guts to let my employers down (so no leaving early) and that for once in my life, I have to try to make money my main motivator. It’s all about learning and challenges, right?  And also the peaches are quite nice.