Merry Christmas everyone!

Here in the middle of nowhere, Christmas day has come and gone without too much ceremony or heartache. See, it was 38 degrees on Christmas Eve, which makes it seem very much not at all like Christmas Eve to a Canadian. Being 40 km from the nearest town means that my surroundings are far from saturated with Christmas decorations and over-the-top shop windows. So it was surreal to wrap my head around it being December, let alone Christmas…

I worked in the morning, had a snack (mango!) and read Joyce’s Dubliners (taken from the hostel in Port Macquarie). Then it was time for Christmas lunch, which is the thing in Australia rather than a big evening meal.

Jessie-Dog relaxes on the veranda, waiting for her own Christmas lunch

Jessie-Dog relaxes on the veranda, waiting for her own Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch

John pops the bubbly

Delicious veggies

Delicious veggies


Prawns and smoked trout and sweet corn and potatoes and beetroot.


The alpacas, just sitting in the rain.


Raindrops keep falling


Foggy rain-hills

After lunch, I retreated to an empty cabin (lucky, because this place has been booked solid or a while) and watched 3 DVDs, which was a cosy and Christmassy thing to do.

I was a bit sad to be far from friends, family, tourtière and snow (though the happy emails from everyone did make my day!), but because it didn’t really feellike Christmas, it wasn’t bad at all. My Christmas two years ago, spent stuck in the Detroit airport, was far far more depressing.

And believe me- I plan on no longer dwelling on things that could be better and start celebrating something each and every day.

Today, I’ll celebrate this:

Just another galah, haging out in front of the house.

Just another galah, hanging out in front of the house.