This week was quite quiet, work-wise (the cynic in me thinks it’s because my employer didn’t want to shell out for the slightly increased holiday wages and cut down on my hours), so I spent my time reading and repacking.

While doing this, I realised I am very limited in the colour palette I am dragging around with me. Inside my bag, all my clothing are black or dark blue. And all the things that are not clothing are lime green.

I am obviously a bit bored and have no fun adventures to recount (only 5 more days of being stuck here, though!), so here are some pictures of my stuff to keep myself entertained:

How is it that all my things are lime green?

How is it that all my things are lime green? (Pictured clockwise from top left: Backpack, luggage tag (which I think is meant to be a key chain), foldable day pack, iPod, headlamp, journal, scissors, toothbrush, novel)


Except for my scarf and bikini that randomly match in their orange, pink, blue, grey, and purple stripes.

Do you think this means anything?