At home, I usually usher in the New Year with a nice dinner with friends, a house party, or DVDs (and an inevitable cold) and sometimes I even stay up past midnight. So this year I didn’t miss spending $800 on a NYE ticket in Sydney (seriously), battling crowds at outdoor concerts or January 1st morning dodging vomit on city sidewalks.

This year I didn’t have a cold, my feet didn’t freeze, and I didn’t have to negotiate the public transit system after a night out (for some reason, sitting in a subway car alone in the middle of the night will always bring you down a bit).

Instead, we ate outisde and roasted marshmallows on the hottest bonfire known to man (hotter than the sun!).



These marshmallows were too small to be roasted and pink/strawberry flavour, which is wrong.

We played catch with a glowstick, caught a frog, and took pictures of the ducks by torchlight.


Duck in the night.


Catching frogs by flashlight light.

I ate too many peanuts after too much rosé, watched 10 minutes of the Proms on TV, and went to bed.


Almost a full moon

The last couple of months of 2012 were slightly lonely and challenging, but maybe they were necessary in order for me to jump full-on into 2013 with all its promise. I am feeling ridiculously optimistic (13 is my lucky number sometimes) and hope you’re feeling the happy vibes and best wishes I’m sending your way.

Bonne année, grand nez!