It was too hot. I thought about going to Thailand after India, but I was too hot. My body needed a break. I wanted to be able to wear a t-shirt for 2 days in a row rather than have to change my sweaty tops a few times a day.

So after finding a cheap(ish) flight home from Bangalore via London (with a 3 month lay-over) and seeing on Facebook that my brother was on his way to Croatia, the plan was made.

Arriving at Heathrow was like arriving home. So familiar. I knew which over-priced sandwich to buy at Costa’s and where to catch the bus. I hopped on the cleanest, most high-tech coach I’ve ever seen and slept all the way to my friend‘s house in the type of village you’d imagine an English village to be.

Time enough for a catch up, hot shower (and brushing my teeth with tap water!), a chill in the cold Spring air, and then it was back to the bus in the middle of the night, off to another airport for another flight.

When I arrived in Split, Croatia, I ran into my brother on the street. We had pizza at a cafe in the sun and found out our hostel room had a disco ball.

I was going to like it here.

My brother dancing in our amazing hostel room.

My brother dancing in our amazing hostel room.