Belgrade. What can I say about Belgrade?

First of all, I am ashamed to say that after all the war stories I heard in Croatia and Bosnia, I developed a funny feeling towards (against?) Serbia. Shows how easy it is to succumb to idiotic prejudice. Plus, we’d heard Belgrade was good only for its nightlife, but was otherwise just ugly blocks of concrete.

Don’t listen to people. People can be wrong or blind. Or just have different opinions.

Belgrade may be a big city, but it is beautiful (its National Theatre is stunning, at least from the outside. I never actually ended up seeing that Anouilh play in Serbian…) and has a very very cool vibe.

I don’t really know where to start (getting a history lesson from the receptionist? watching the girls in impossibly high heels stumble down the cobbled streets?), so I’ll just show you some photos I took of the big church everyone kept telling us to go see (“But the inside isn’t finished,” they’d add apologetically). And it is a big church and the inside was not finished. But the inside was what I spent ages looking at, wrapped in plastic sheets like a Christo.


Cathedral of Saint Sava, the biggest Orthodox church in the world, apparently. Still working on the inside. And not actually a cathedral.