I’ve been thinking about it, and I haven’t had much experience travelling with boys. I mean, just me and a guy, right?


Me and my brother at Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Before he went back to France, he gave me that sweater (because he is a gentleman and he was going to leave it behind anyway- it’s full of holes). That sweater saved me from hypothermia in Austria and the Czech Republic. Merci, David!

Since May, I’ve had the chance to travel Croatia-Bosnia-Serbia with my brother David and then meet up with my friend Jeremy for Slovenia-Austria-Czech Republic.

I’m not going to make a big deal about this, but there are a few things I noticed that were different from travelling with other girls.

Travelling with boys

1. First of all, you end up spending far more time in bars than in cafes. You realise you still don’t like beer, but you discover juice-beer in Croatia that makes it look like you’re drinking beer when you’re really just drinking juice. So you can look semi-cool (because beer is cool) until someone reads the label and sees you’re just drinking radler. And that you’re tipsy after 4 sips.

2. You get very jealous of the fact that boys can carry around all their possessions in their pockets. Camera, wallet, maps, passport, all stuffed in their cargo pants while you lug around a heavy handbag holding a camera, wallet, hoodie, water bottle, guidebook, journal, pens, wet wipes, and anything he can’t fit into his pockets.

3. You are far more likely to end up on an improvised pub-crawl with 10 British guys on a rainy night in Zagreb, chasing last calls around town. Maybe as a girl alone, I would have opted to stay at the hostel and stream the latest episode of Arrested Development (and kept my shoes dry). But then I would not have been re-exposed to the stellar dance moves of 25-year-old lads.

4. You may not have felt comfortable sharing a 4-bed dorm with a 6’2″ Tasmanian firefighter, a massive Croatian tattoo artist named Nico, and a Martiniquais guy with a penchant for rum, if one of those guys hadn’t been your friend already.

5. You do get asked all the time how you know each other. People were surprised my brother was my brother and people were surprised that Jeremy and I first met in India and then, weird, here we are meeting up in Slovenia. Check that out.

That’s about it. It’s actually not so different travelling with boys vs girls. Except maybe it’s an unexpected perk that a boy might carry you up a flight of stairs just because you had a blister on your toe. That’s different.