Warning: this post may contain graphic imagery.

I’m in Denmark. I don’t know why, but I never thought I’d end up in Denmark, however much I adore their movies. But here I am, in an ideal situation: 2 weeks’ writing residency at a theatre school/creation space where I have a room of my own writing, writing (checking email), writing (checking Facebook), writing.

After 11 months of travel, I have time and space and silence to get some order in my ideas (except when the actors have their workshops downstairs… then it’s a lot of howling and running around and entertainment all ’round).

The residency is in a big yellow house with beautiful light and cute little lampshades. It’s about a 30-minute walk into town through the woods. When it stopped raining today, I figured it was my chance to go for a walk and go to the store to get some milk.


A lovely walk. Until…

There I was, following the bicycle path that little red riding hood would take, the sun filtering through the leaves, watching my step to avoid the slugs and snails as best I could…

For all the amazing wildlife I’ve seen this year, the diversity in snails and slugs was quite fascinating.

A little portrait of Nykobing Sjelland fauna:








First of all, if you’re a slug, maybe a bicycle path is not the best place to be. Squish!

Although that was gross, it wasn’t as spine-numbing as the horrifying discovery I made.



Are these guys gathering to pay their respects to their fallen brother? No. No! They’re eating his corpse! The horror! The horror!

Seriously, there were slugs eating slugs all over the place. All over the place.


Quick! Look at this beautiful bouquet of 7 different types of wildflowers! Keep looking at it- it’ll help wash away the image of disgusting cannibalistic slugs.