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Yesterday was boring. I barely left my apartment and the sky was grey. I felt a bit lonely, more than I did when I literally was alone on the other side of the world. Even buying myself flowers didn’t make me feel much better.

So today I went out and travelled. I shook myself up and remembered what I love to do: discover the world. Even if it’s only going a few subway stops away.

I got up early (for a Sunday), and made my way east to Corktown, the oldest neighbourhood of Toronto for a Jane’s walk. It was beautiful and sunny and very chilly.

I found out about an 1800 duel caused by some rumours about a lady and that escaped slaves from Kentuky started the taxi company that would lead to the TTC (even if just in colour scheme) and saw the stables where the horses who made cookies for Mr Christie lived.

I saw the first free school and discovered the area is called Corktown because the first wave of immigrants came from Ireland- not necessarily from Cork itself, but still. And because there was a cork factory in the are. And I realised I know nothing much at all about my own city.

Everything was so colourful, I thought I’d share some pictures of this morning:


A laneway that used to be “muddy and sketchy” (and across the street from the first Loblaws grocers’) and is now hoity toity.


Pink building and blue sky.


Workers’ row houses from the 1800s. That’s very old for Canada. Notice the red and white bricks- both made here but at different brickworks.


Bright Street.


The Magic Building.


A guy.


The Dominion Hotel (attached to the brewery). Now hosts jazz and rockabilly.


Trees and shadows of trees.


The Berkeley Cafe, where I used to go for lunch breaks when I used to work in the neighbourhood. A great place to overhear conversations and theatre gossip (lots of theatres nearby).


The Opera Company and the Berkeley Theatre- old gas works buildings.

Melbourne! A city of colours, wacky weather, arts, and shopping. And coffee. Obviously, coffee.

“I’ve been making coffee for seven years,” gloated a random guy on a tram, butting into my conversation with a random lady from Oklahoma. He wasn’t trying to impress me (it don’t impress me much anyway), but rather reminding me that if I wanted a coffee shop job (sorry, if I wanted to work as a barista), then I’d have to undergo extensive training.

I eavesdropped on a guy on yet another tram who was telling his friend that he makes $22 per hour and time and a half on Saturdays. This is for making coffee on a university campus.

They take their coffee seriously in Melbourne. And usually it’s pretty good.

I was too busy taking pictures of birds take any of my various coffees at various cafes. Even though New Zealand had some amazing birds that I’d never even heard of before (for instance), there’s something about seeing little green parrots walking around on the grass like sparrows and cockatoos hanging around on wires like pigeons.

Melbourne’s laneways=canvasses for its artists

Muck up day in Melbourne! That means celebrating finishing year 12 by dressing up as fruit and sitting in Fed Square.

Flowers (that are different from Canadian flowers) at the South Melbourne Market.

Kangaroo (and other) meat for sale. Hysterical sheep, morose cow.

Pretty houses in Albert Park (the neighbourhood, not the park) on the beach.

Luna Park, St Kilda.

Luna Park from closer.

Melbourne has loads of outdoor art (and “architectural features” along the highway)

Just a bird hanging out in the grass.

Just a bird hanging out in a flower.